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FL7688 Ridgefield
Women’s Heavyweight Micro Fleece Jacket MSRP $35.50
JL1400 Lady Vital LWJ
High value for a low price. Women's 100% polyester windproof/water-resistant lightweight jacket. MSRP $31.50
JL1480 Alameda
Women’s Midweight Nylon/Fleece Jacket MSRP $39.50
JL5308 Radian
This women's lightweight poplin jacket features a windproof/water-resistant shell of 65% polyester/35% cotton. MSRP $46.00
JL6350 Lady Vital Bonded Soft Shell
Women's bonded soft shell jacket features a 2-layer construction of a stretch windproof/water-resistant 96% polyester/4% spandex outer shell. MSRP $37.00
JL6355 Odessa
Women’s Bonded Soft Shell Hooded Jacket MSRP $45.50
JL6380 Lady Quest
This women’s soft shell bonded jacket features a 3-layer construction consists of a stretch windproof/water-resistant. MSRP $55.50
JL8258 Lacey Vest
Women’s Quilted Puffer Vest MSRP $53.50
JL8260 Lacey
Women’s Quilted Puffer Jacket. Windproof, water resistant nylon shell. MSRP $59.50
JL8850 Bellrose
Women’s Hooded Honeycomb Poly/Fleece Jacket MSRP $70.00
JL8885 Hallowell
Women’s 3-in-1 jacket features a shell constructed of windproof/water-resistant polyester reversed dobby and is lined with polyester. MSRP $89.50
JL8920 Lady Edge
Women’s heavyweight jacket features a color block shell constructed of windproof/water-resistant nylon and is lined with 11.5 oz anti-pilling micro fleece. (Available 9/4/16) MSRP $59.50
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