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LB2988 Katherine
Women’s windproof/water resistant polyester trench coat lined with polyester. MSRP $94.50
LB5360 Kate
Women’s windproof/water resistant 7.4 oz. 60% cotton/40% polyester twill short trench coat MSRP $77.50
LB642 Mia
6.7 oz. 58% cotton/37% polyester/5% spandex knit jacket with moisture-wicking. MSRP $64.00
LB673 Bethany
Women's 8.8 oz. 57% cotton/38% polyester/5% spandex French terry robe jacket. MSRP $69.50
LB674 Anna
Women’s 10 oz. 60% cotton/40% polyester fleece full-zip jacket. MSRP $58.50
LB677 Riley
Women’s 10.4 oz 60% cotton/40% polyester fleece peacoat. MSRP $77.50
LB683 Addison
Women’s 11 oz. 57% cotton/39% polyester/4% spandex two-button blazer. MSRP $91.00
LB8123 Alexis
Women’s windproof/water resistant polyester jacket with a 1.4 oz. polyfill quilted lining. MSRP $85.00
LB8223 Bridget
Women’s windproof/water resistant 95% polyester/5% nylon lightweight quilted jacket MSRP $94.50
LB9013 Sasha
Women’s windproof/water resistant 100% polyester trench coat lined with polyester MSRP $91.00